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Shopping for Your Group Health Benefits is Easier Than Ever!

Let Cigna Guided Solutions help show you how to get there.

One-stop Shop for Your Benefit Needs.

With Cigna Guided Solutions, we help make it easier than ever to shop for your health benefits online.

  • The information you need on one, easy-to-use website, available on your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Educational materials including decision support tools, product videos and cost calculators
  • Live click-to-chat support from a Cigna representative
  • Easy-to-use online enrollment website that allows you to save information and come back to it at a later time
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One team. One website. One solution.

You’ve been looking for a technology partner who can provide the benefits administration you need in one comprehensive package. Well, look no further. With Cigna Guided Solutions, we deliver a convenient benefits solution for you and your employees.

Convenient for you.

Cigna Guided Solutions offers simplified administration that can help you meet your enrollment needs while allowing your employees to make the right choice for themselves. We also provide cost control or stabilization with innovative funding options and defined contribution. Our decision support tools have advanced analytics for personalized guidance to support employee-buying decisions. And, we provide greater cost transparency so employees can make value-based decisions and recognize your investment in their benefits.

Supporting a better experience for employees.

  • Choice. Access to a broad array of product choices.
  • Ease. Decision-support tools simplify choice and help personalize benefits.
  • Convenience. Choose benefits in a retail shopping experience – online, tablet or smartphone.
  • 24/7/365 live customer service. *Post-enrollment customer service with translation service available in more than 150 languages.
  • and app. Post-enrollment access to health benefit information while on-the-go.
*For Cigna medical and dental coverage post-enrollment.

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A perfect fit for your consultative approach.

We’ve combined cutting-edge, consumer-friendly online technology with our deep understanding of employer benefits programs. That, coupled with customer and client feedback, has enabled us to build an effective, accurate and easy-to-use online application. So, whether a company is large or smaller* in size, we can help manage their benefits enrollment with convenience, flexibility and one-on-one dedication.
*Product availability may vary by group size or location. Contact your sales representative for details.

Convenient for brokers

  • Support Cigna and certain non-Cigna products
  • Value creation through integration
  • Retail shopping experience
  • Administrative access

Better experience for employers and their employees

  • Simplified administration
  • Versatile technology platform
  • Cost control or stabilization
  • Decision-support tools with advanced analytics
  • Greater cost transparency
  • Convenience
  • 24/7/365 Live Customer Service*
*For Cigna medical and dental coverage post-enrollment

Get it all.

With Cigna Guided Solutions, you get a convenient benefits solution for your clients and their employees. With a number of different options available that can be tailored to meet your client’s needs, Cigna Guided Solutions meets your clients where they are today and grows with them in the future.

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